Policy & Procedures

1.) Physicals are required for all new Franklin College intercollegiate team members prior to competition of any kind. This physical is required only before the student athlete’s first year of participation. The student-athlete physical can be obtained by clicking below:

2.) A current medical/injury history form, proper insurance information, and copies of both medical and dental insurance cards must be on file in the athletic training room PRIOR to athletic participation. The following links will take you to the proper forms:

3.) Medical conditions existing prior to athletic competition at Franklin College are the responsibility of the student-athlete and his/her family. Disqualification from participation in Franklin College intercollegiate athletics because of pre-existing conditions or injuries incurred while competing for the College is the prerogative of the team physician and athletic training staff. Failure to report medical conditions promptly releases Franklin College from any liability in the event of any injury caused by the unreported condition.

4.) All injuries and illnesses need to be reported to an athletic training staff member on the same day as they occur or first thing the next day. A staff member or the team physician, if necessary, will then evaluate the student-athlete. They should not seek their own medical attention without first having seen an athletic training staff member. Injuries that appear during the night or next morning must be seen in the athletic training room immediately after being discovered.
If an emergency or medical problem occurs after athletic training room hours, the student-athlete should follow the emergency protocol as set forth by Franklin College. In addition, please advise the athletic training staff as soon as possible.
In practice/game emergencies, medical attention will be arranged immediately for the student-athlete by the athletic training staff.
In absence of the team physician, the athletic training staff will determine the availability of an injured student-athlete for competition.

5.) If you are injured or ill and feel you cannot practice, report to the athletic training room and see an athletic training staff member. Do not treat any injury with anything other than ice unless you have been instructed to do so by either an athletic trainer or team physician.

6.) If a referral to a physician is necessary, the student-athlete will be given the proper paperwork that is needed by the athletic training staff. After physical consultation, these forms need to be brought back to the athletic training room with the pertinent instructions from the physician.

7.) The athletic training staff will make referrals to specific medical personnel. If you desire medical attention other than that provided by the athletic training staff for situations occurring as described above, you may do so under the direct supervision of a staff member.

8.) The Athletic Department assumes no financial or legal responsibility for:
A. Injuries that are not reported within the participating season
B. Injuries or illnesses incurred during the off-season
C. Any charges by a hospital or specialist to which you were not referred to by the athletic training staff
D. Any injuries or conditions not received in supervised practices or during intercollegiate contests
E. You are participating in intercollegiate athletics at any time without PRIMARY MEDICAL INSURANCE!! Click below for additional information on the insurance requirements:

9.) Sports related medical costs
Costs for outside medical care by physicians, dentists, health care facilities and other services (x-ray, lab, drugs, etc.) referred by the athletic training staff, will first be applied to any family or personal insurance covering you.
A. Student-athletes receiving bills for authorized referrals to a physician or hospital are to deliver them without delay to the athletic training staff
B. All arrangements for the care of injuries are to be made and taken care of before the student-athlete withdraws from, leaves, or graduates from Franklin College
C. The athletic training staff is responsible for communicating to parents of student-athletes the insurance policy utilized by Franklin College.

Concussion Protocol

Click on the link below to view Franklin College athletic training concussion protocol.

Concussion Policy