Performance Enhancements

Members of the Franklin College Department of Intercollegiate Athletics staff shall not endorse, supply or encourage the use of performance-enhancing nutritional/dietary supplements including, but not limited to, creatine, andro and/or EPO-erythropoietin.

Currently, many nutritional/dietary supplements are not banned substance by NCAA definition, and it is readily available to student-athletes. Banning their use by Franklin College student-athletes would be difficult, if not impossible. Supplementation among student-athletes is a subject of great debate in college athletics at the present time. No study has provided conclusive evidence that the use of nutritional/dietary supplements enhances athletic performance for all student-athletes. Likewise, no long-term study has established conclusive negative health risks associated with their use. Student-athletes who purchase nutritional/dietary supplements for personal use do so at their personal expense and without the endorsement or encouragement of Franklin College coaches and athletic training staff.

All nutritional/dietary supplements carry some risk of containing an NCAA banned substance because they are not well regulated and may be contaminated. Failure to check out any supplement with your athletic training staff prior to use may result in a failed appeal for a positive drug test. Student-athletes are responsible for anything they ingest.

For more information concerning performance-enhancing supplements and NCAA banned substances, please visit the following website:

NCAA Health and Safety