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Athletic Hall of Fame

The individuals listed below have been inducted into the Franklin College Athletic Hall of Fame. We would like to congratulate and thank each individual for his or her commitment to Franklin College and to athletics.  To see the inductees’ bios from their induction ceremony click on the Hall of Fame Class title.

Hall of Fame Class 1975
J.R. Bishop, player
*Earl “Spud” Campbell, player
*H. Dean Evans, player
*Burl Friddle, player
*Ralph Isselhardt, player
*William E. Kingsolver, player
*Hugh Lowry, player
*Homer D. McCracken, player
*Wil. B. Nelp, Sr., player
Dr. Phillip John Ruffalo, player
*Loyd G. Smith, player
*Stanley Strohl, player
*Walter “Bud” Surface, player
*Robert “Fuzzy” Vandivier, player
*Ernest “Griz” Wagner, player-coach

Hall of Fame Class 1976
Tom Allen, player
*Thomas E. Downey, player
*Fritz Miller, player
*O. Earl Pike, player
*Robert W. Primmer, coach
*Noble B. Ritchey, player
*Ray “Buck” Rohrabaugh, player
*Roy Everett Tillotson, coach
*John D. Woner, M.D., friend

Hall of Fame Class 1987
*Stewart “Red” Faught, coach

Hall of Fame Class 1989
Arnie Brown, player
Brad Crawford, player
*Ron Doyle, player
*Terry Hoeppner, player
Joe Kelly, player
Harold “Butch” Lawson, coach
Dave Lyon, player
Phil Powell, player
*Bill Slayback, player
Dana Standefer, player

Hall of Fame Class 1990
*Ruth Callon, coach
*Earl D. Rich, player

 Hall of Fame Class 1991
Sam Alford, player
Bruce Hickman, player
Jenny Johnson-Kappes, player
Evan “Big Cat” Williams, player

 Hall of Fame Class 1993
John Chiarotti, coach
Tom Martin, player
Judi Warren, player

Hall of Fame Class 1995
*Ralph A. Ferguson, player
Thomas P. Mengelt, M.D., player
*Hal Doy Sampson, player
James W. Miller, coach
Edward A. Siegel, coach

Hall of Fame Class 1997
*Donald C. Reichert, player
Gordy Clemens, player
Colleen Sexton Lahr, player
Randy Reece, player
Steve Wray, player

 Hall of Fame Class 1998
Susan G. Hittle Yeakle, player
Kathy J. Stricker, player
Mark D. Elliott, player
Lisa Heath Fisher, player
*Thomas R. Hodge, friend

Hall of Fame Class 2000
*William “Paul” Cummings, friend
Rick Moorhead, player
Carol S. Summers Tumey, coach 

Hall of Fame Class 2002
Karen Potempa Poole, player
Reece Mann, player

Hall of Fame Class 2004
Francis W. Knue, player
Boro L. Lalich, player
Randy R. Racine, player
John Stephen McIntyre, coach
Marvin Shepler, coach

Hall of Fame Class 2005
*Richard C. Cummins, player
Becky Buening, player
Steve Gardner, player
Scott Roberts, player

Hall of Fame Class 2006
Steve Nelson, player
Donald Treibic, friend
Gene White, coach
*Harold “Harry” L. King, player

Hall of Fame Class 2007
*James A. “Jim” Orlosky, player
Connie Garrett, coach
Steve Witty, coach
*Gene Wirey, friend

Hall of Fame Class 2008
Don Orlosky, player
Jane Betts, coach
Al Harants, coach
Jeff Lewis, player

Hall of Fame Class 2009
Elmer Britton, coach
John Holden, player
Stephanie Kramer Bot, player

 Hall of Fame Class 2010
Richard M. Park, coach
*Joseph F. McConnell, friend
Lanett (Stewart) Stephan, player

Hall of Fame Class 2011
*Daniel C. Helm, player
Timothy M. Dant, player
Kimberly S. Sheldon, player

 Hall of Fame Class 2012
Georgeanna Bodine Ford, coach
Jim Plummer, coach
Micheal Gibbs, player

Hall of Fame Class 2013
Korenna Dickerson, player
Jay Hunsucker, player
Doreen St. Clair, coach

Hall of Fame Class 2014
Jackie Ferguson, athlete
Jason Sibley, athlete
Bill Unsworth, athlete

Hall of Fame Class 2015
*Robbie Ray, athlete
Jodi Graber Berry, athlete
Bryan Epperson, athlete

Hall of Fame Class 2016
Chris Chastain Goldsberry, athlete
Chad McCullough, athlete
*Mary Alice Medlicott, friend

Hall of Fame Class 2017
Joe Chester, athlete
Kelly Vance Eckman, athlete
Tim Fish, athlete

Hall of Fame Class 2018
Katie Tewell Brinker, athlete
Darrel Heuchan, athlete
Robert Schafstall, friend

Hall of Fame Class 2019
Craig Bland, athlete
Roger Schroder, coach
Bill Schwab, athlete

* deceased